Interactive iPoster

World Microbe Forum Takes Digital Posters to the Next Level!

A World Microbe Forum (WMF) interactive iPoster is the ideal way for attendees to visit over a thousand posters while sitting in the comfort of their home or office. As a poster presenter you are no longer contained by the four walls of an exhibit hall waiting for someone to walk past your poster board. Get ready to expand your reach with an interactive iPoster!

What is an Interactive iPoster?

An interactive iPoster is a digital poster with the ability to customize templates to contain unlimited content, with high-resolution images, videos, animation and voice-over narration that will make your poster come alive. To keep your poster up to date minute by minute, you will have the option to update your content at any time throughout the meeting. The iPoster will be live so all of your edits will instantly be recognized on your iPoster.

Create Your Own Live iPoster Session

  • Manage your live iPoster presentation and discussion by using any of the common web-based meeting services, including Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and more. 
  • You can set the time and the date for participants to attend your live session.
  • Your live iPoster session details will be available for participants to view along with the other information about you and your iPoster.

Maximize Your iPoster Content

  • The iPoster template options have content boxes with scroll capability to include a large amount of text, pictures, images, tables, charts and links to an external website in order to display online data sets or other online dynamic information.

Insert Audio and Video

  • You can add narrations, comments, audio documentations, interviews, etc.
  • Load your videos up to YouTube or Vimeo or add a narration to your iPoster that allows participants to follow your explanation of your research.
  • Participants will be able to open the content boxes and scroll through your presentation as you speak.

Design your iPoster

  • Make your iPoster stand out from the crowd by changing background colors or adding a background image to your presentation.


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